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Patient Instructions For Sleep Study

  1. Avoid alcoholic beverages, tranquilizers, or sedatives on the day of your study, unless otherwise instructed.
  2. Do not consume any coffee, chocolate, cola or other caffeine products after 5:00 pm the day of your study.
  3. Try to maintain a usual daytime routine. (Avoid unusual physical activities or meals)
  5. Please shower and shampoo your hair prior to the test, as this improves the quality of the recording. Do not put heavy conditioners or oils on your hair.
  6. You will be able to shower in the morning after your test. Please bring toiletries and a change of clothing if you wish.
  7. Nursing services and medications are not provided. If you take regular medications, bring them with you and take them on the schedule you do at home unless otherwise instructed.
  8. For the test, bring comfortable, loose fitting pajamas, sweats, shorts and t-shirt. Pajamas must be worn with undergarments. We do not provide sleepwear. Sleeping nude is not permitted. You may bring your own pillow and blanket from home if you wish.
  9. The technician will apply several small electrodes to the head and body. This is a painless procedure and the skin is not broken. The monitoring electrodes attached will not cause any major restrictions to your movement while you are sleeping.
  10. You will then be allowed to relax and prepare for sleep with a limited amount of reading or TV time. The technician will instruct you as to the appropriate time to turn off TV and lights and begin the test. The goal is to start diagnostic testing in a cool dark room without stimulus in order to provide a good night’s rest. Your cooperation is necessary for the success of the test.
  11. An intercom is turned on in each room and you will be able to communicate with the technician. If you need to get out of bed, call the technician and they will unplug the wires so that you can move freely.
  12. We have limited kitchen facilities, so please eat dinner before you come to your nighttime sleep study. A light snack, coffee, tea, or juice will be provided in the morning. You are welcome to bring your own snacks.
  13. If you are scheduled for a MSLT (daytime nap study), please wear loose fitting clothing during the test. A light mid day meal will be provided but you are welcome to bring your own food and drink meals are provided.
  14.  Any questions or concerns can be directed to our staff by telephoning (810) 695-4000. If after 7 pm please call (810) 695-4056.

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