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Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) Titration Study

A PAP titration study is a test that is performed at a sleep lab and is done after a patient has been diagnosed with sleep apnea. During the study, patients are fitted with a mask that is attached to a Positive Airway Pressure machine. The patient is then instructed to breathe in and out against the pressure while they fall asleep. The technician will try various levels of pressure to determine the level which level the patient’s snoring, apnea (stopping breathing completely), hypopnea (shallow breathing), and/or arousals are eliminated.

How is the test performed?
Before the study, technicians at the sleep lab will apply electrodes on your scalp, chin, outer edge of your eyelid, and legs to monitor activities such as brain waves, muscle movements, eye movements, breathing, snoring, heart rate and leg movements while you sleep. An airflow device is placed below the nose, and a pulse oximeter is placed on a finger. Once the study is complete, a follow-up appointment is scheduled at the clinic to discuss and review the study and recommended treatment.




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