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Overnight Oxygen Saturation Testing

This study consists of wearing a pulse oximeter (a small probe with a light) on the patient's finger overnight in their own home. This study measures whether or not the level of oxygen in the tissues drops (oxygen desaturation) during the night. This test can aid in the diagnosis of some breathing problems. The patient picks up the oximeter from the office, takes it home, wears it overnight and returns it the next morning.


Exercise evaluations (VO2 Max Testing)

A VO2 max, or oxygen consumption during exercise evaluation, is designed to assess your level of fitness. You will be monitored with continuous EKG, as well as breath-by-breath analysis of the amount of oxygen your body can take up and the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) your body produces during exercise. By riding a stationary bicycle that measures power output or by running on a treadmill, we can measure the amount of work you can do. We will then calculate your anaerobic threshold (AT) as well as your peak oxygen uptake (VO1 max). With this information, we can tailor a training program that is just right for you!



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